Imagination makes beautiful things

  • Scenography
  • Installations
  • Events

At zing, we love art and we
makes beautiful things.

Creation studio and production workshop created in 2000,
Zing makes haute couture events.

With more than 300 productions in Europe, Asia
and in the Middle East, ZING is now the
reference for aerial scenography based on
LYCRA® fabric



  • Maison Dior

  • Sonya Rykiel

  • Le Printemps — Tour Eiffel

  • Monnaie de Paris

  • Cité des Sciences & de L’industrie — L'ile St Denis

  • Marseille

  • Lyon

  • Caen Event — Time Wrap

  • Insane Festival

  • Solydays

  • We Love Art

  • Concrete — Richie Hawtin

  • Laurent Garnier

  • Aphex Twin — Rex Club

  • Queen Paris

  • BatoFar — Magic Garden

  • Athem Atelier

  • La mode en image

  • Havas

  • Le Public Système

  • Auditoire …

The artist

Coming from the imagination of its founder, the visual artist Stéphane Coville, ZING's polymorphous, organic and dreamlike creations adapt to all spaces. Like the vegetal world from which they draw inspiration, they are living works, in perpetual mutation. They inhabit the places way much more than they dress them, sculpting the space to bring each spectator to an elsewhere of their own.

Scenographer of the french electronic scene before going international, the artist collaborates on festivals with artists like Laurent Garnier, Aphex Twin or Luciano. But also with emblematic places, numerous cities and institutions.

Today, the ZING style and signature embody haute couture events.

The artist
The team

The team

Since the creation of the company in 2000, the team has acquired unique know-how around LYCRA® fabric.

The models are developed in our graphic design workshop. The canvas is cut and assembled in our sewing workshop. And once completed, the project is handed over to our assembly team.

It is in Atelier Bleu, in Villejuif, 4 km from Paris, that our creations are
assembled and tested for the first time before heading out into the world.


Coming soon, ZING magazine

Coming soon,
ZING magazine

Every year, ZING magazine
offers you a dive into
the world of ZING and Stéphane,
its creator - projects,
artworks, artistic and
cultural inspirations.